VakEgér tapas plate for 2 person  1890 HUF
4 kind of dipping sauce (2 kind of eggplant cream, homemade vegetable cream and goat cheese cream with walnut) served with  chrispy Turkish bread and fresh salad

Burger with grilled cheese  1590 HUF
Grilled cheese served with onion jam in olive loaf

Chicken Burger  1490 HUF
Chicken breast steak in olive loaf with spicy sauce

Argentine Beef Burger  1690 HUF
Argentine beef burger in hamburger bun with spicy sauce

Duck Burger  1690 HUF
Duck breast burger in hamburger bun with cheddar cheese and onion jam

Cajun Chicken Salad  1490 HUF
Cajun chicken with ice salad, mesclun salad and parmesan

Fresh buttery popcorn (2,5 l) 550 HUF

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